Chef Challenge (Scroll to request tickets)

We bring a mystery box of organic produce and pastured meat from local farms to various independently owned restaurants for a new spin on dinner. Inspired by "Chopped" the featured chefs will have limited time to make a four course mystery meal.

The goal is to highlight the talented chefs of Central NY and to put the greater Syracuse area on the map as a foodie destination. Our four-course mystery dinner events requires the Chef(s) to innovate their cuisine, to introduce something different. We limit Chef Challenge Syracuse events to 25-30 guests to allow the chef(s) to be as creative as possible. We reserve seats for bloggers, traditional press, and save 8-12 seats for quick to act fans from our great community.

Together, we can make Syracuse and CNY a destination, a foodie destination, while supporting local farmers and businesses along the way. We put most of our profits back into our events from treating bloggers to our events to sponsoring/organizing larger fundraiser events that are more accessible to the public. We believe food opens the ears, meaning that if one wants to change habits and eventually culture for a cleaner food system, one must feed people. We will always use our events to start important conversations about our food system.

*We cannot cater to the following food restrictions: vegan, vegetarian, dairy, soy, nuts
*This is a mystery meal for people looking to try new foods, not for picky eaters

Typical Schedule:

4:30-5:30pm: Watch the Chefs prep and cook in "the heat of the moment" under pressure from this "Chopped" style foodie event. 1-2 guests will take turns viewing from a safe place. Keep in mind you must take turns with 25-30 other guests (5-10 minutes per person total).

5:45pm: Course #1 + Presentation (please arrive at 5:20pm)
TBD: Course #2
TBD: Course #3
7:45pm: Course #4
8:00pm: Event Ends (+/- 15 mins)