Chef Challenge (Scroll to request tickets)

We started in Syracuse, NY as a collaborative, community-based marketing experiment, that our founders Josh and Ashley decided to take a chance on. At our first event, they delivered a small bag of local produce and challenged one chef to make two mystery courses. They used the pictures on social media for recipe inspiration, with the hope that they could help people learn to cook with local and seasonal produce or less wasteful cuts of meat. Within four months the team was bringing boxes of “mystery,” local farm-goods to a new restaurant 2-3 times per month to serve a mystery meal to 45-55 guests per event. We evolved with the event, developing our mission statement along the way to focus on pushing culinary boundaries, elevating cities like Syracuse, NY and Providence, RI through donations and strategic projects*, closing the gaps in our food systems by making connections between chefs, farmers, and consumers, and promoting sustainability within our food systems . Each event challenges chefs and guests to go out of their culinary comfort zone and to clean up our food system.

*A portion of our profits go to causes and projects. Call us for more details (315) 641-9393.